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2080 Ocean Condominiums for Sale and Rent

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2080 Ocean condominiums

2080-it’s not just a figure, it’s a place, where sun touches the ocean and the ocean lingers to its shore. It’s where you can experience it; it’s where the material becomes as light as air.
Constructed in 2004, 2080 Ocean resort is the place of magic, where you feel infinite. Everything aims it: roof top is breathtaking – it gives you the Atlantics at your hand. Shady yards are calming your senses to give a place to one – sense of happiness and tranquility.

Here everything is natural – marble is whispering the quite chant of wind and stone; wood is giving you the warmth of a tree, sharing its fruits; sand takes you to the endless journey to the mysteries; water is calming your thirst, refreshes your body, washes your head, easily touching your body.

You will see with your own eyes what it means to experience a magic in a place, which looks to you that familiar.
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